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Food & Beverage Service :

Training Restaurant: A training restaurant and bar, equipped to impart latest national and international techniques of services at par with the industry. Training of Buffets, Banquets, Gueridon Service, etc. are also provided in this lab.

Mock Bar: Mock bar of the Institute is equipped to train the students regarding the service of various alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages and the preparation of various cocktails and mock tails.

Food Production :

Basic Training Kitchen: This kitchen is used primarily to introduce the art of cookery to the student.

Quantity Food Kitchen: Used for banquets and bulk cooking.

Advance Training Kitchen: Having mastered the basics, it is time for the students to progress on to this kitchen. Elaborate dishes are prepared here. The cuisines under consideration are Continental, Indian , Chinese, Mexican, Arabic, Italian, Scandinavian and Spanish.

Bakery and Confectionery: This lab takes care of all bakery and confectionary requirements of the syllabus. Students prepare the most exquisite breads and desserts.

Larder: A fully equipped larder section.

Front Office :

The front office of the Institute is so designed to impart latest technology and trends to students.

Housekeeping :

Fully furnished Housekeeping is equipped with Guest Room, Laundry Area, Electrical and non-electrical cleaning equipments to provide specialized training in Linen Management, use of chemicals, accommodation upkeep etc.

Classrooms :

The institute has got well designed classrooms developed as learning halls to create an atmosphere of professional management training equipped with LCD projector. This helps in effective presentation of lectures for better conceptual growth of students.

Computer Application :

The Institute has a well equipped Computer Lab with MIS/PMS used in Hotel Industry. The students are extensively exposed to the use of standard software and their utilization in management problem solving.

Happy Valley Hostel :

The Institute provides hostel facility for both boys and girls separately on first come first serve basis.

Recreation :

Gymnasium & Fitness Centre: Healthy mind needs healthy body and this requirement is met by the gym fitted with latest equipments for building & toning of muscles & maintaining good health.


Games Room : The institute is well equipped with indoor and outdoor facilities.

Sports :

The facilities for sports and physical recreations are provided at Luv Kush Stadium for both indoor and outdoor games.
Existing facilities includes Cricket, Volley Ball, Badminton, Table Tennis & Athletics etc.

Cultural :

Several cultural activities are regularly organized in the Institute with active participation of students. Fresher’s Day, Foundation Day, all festivals, New Years Celebration, Independent Day, Republic Day Food Exhibition etc, are just to name a few.


Educational / recreational tours are a common phenomenon here, students are taken to hotels, trade fairs, picnic spots and similar places for the purpose of combining education and entertainment.

Library :

The Resource Center of the Institute is truly wealthy as it is upgraded continuously. It acquires books and the research material, journals of hospitality from all over the world.